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Mailing Lists Hosting Services

Are you tired of dealing with "Free" mailing list services that result in another ton of spam/UCE in your inbox? Or more advertising than content in the e-mails? Tired of trying to have a focused conversation with people in your club, social group or even professional organization and dealing with "drive by" messages from spamhausen or virus-mongers sent to the entire list?

So are we.

Wolfstar Systems offers private, secure & shielded mailing list services. Based on Open Source standards, our Listserv software allows customisation and security. Full archiving is possible, with password protection of the archives. Every piece of mail coming into the Wolfstar domain is scanned against viruses and spam/UCE; none of that makes it to your list. You only get what you want... your mail.

List Hosting costs $1.35/12 subscribers per month for six months, plus an initial setup fee of $29.00.
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